A contact you don't want to experience

A weekend of fun changes into a life-threatening experience.

Oliver attends a festival in Prague. Everything is going great until he gets involved in a fight and ends up in the hospital. From then on, the circumstances gain speed. Oliver wakes up in a locked, white room. He doesn’t know where he is, how he got there, or what will happen to him. Except for the fact that he has to find answers to all the questions flowing through his head, he also has to find out what happened to the girl who could have been involved in all of this just because of him. He has to do all of this before he loses the rest of his common sense. Is it possible, or is it already too late?

About me

There is a lot to be told, so I am not going to be brief.

This blog bears my name, which means it should be about me. In a way, it definitely is. I decided to start this blog to simply express myself. Unfiltered, most likely also unedited, pure me.
Although in a way, it’s not only about me. It’s also about my grandmother. But let’s start at the beginning.

What's in my workshop?

Below you can find some examples of my current or upcoming work.

Born to Ball

After getting murdered by a rival. Alex gets a second chance in life in a body of a dying child. With only one goal in mind, Alex is dedicated to get a spot in NBA and write a history. 

The Phoenix's Flight

After losing his job, Nathan escapes certain death when his house burns down. With bad luck at every corner, he realizes there is more to life than just work and money. He decides to focus on the things he loves.

With almost no possessions at all, Nathan starts anew and focuses on fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a pro gamer in his beloved game.

One hell of a journey for someone who is nearing the age of 30.

Magical Equality

The Price of Magic

On a continent where four nations are in an endless war, a special school is set up. It doesn’t matter if you are noble or a commoner, an elf, a human, or a dwarf. Anyone can attend this school; there are only two conditions for it. You need to be magically sensitive, and you need to forgo any aggression towards people from other nations and races.

A young commoner girl in a tiny village is found to have powerful seer abilities and is invited to attend school. What should have been her chance to get an education quickly transforms into a fight for her life when female students start to mysteriously disappear.

Genre: Sports drama, Isekai

Status: Finishing last beauty touches
Release: Soon 

Genre: (E)Sports Drama

Status: In production
Release: Soon  

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Planned
Release: TBA

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