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The slow passage of silent things

It’s time for another update. Last year I announced a few new things and then I had to take a break.

It has been a turbulent time. As they say, it’s one thing after another.. First there were changes in my private life, which thus became more private, then the display on my laptop decided to go to the eternal hunting grounds. You say to yourself excuse. After all, you have a desktop computer too. The truth is that my laptop is my number two life partner. It not only fills in my blind spots, it replaces me with its flexibility as a companion with whom we can create in unison. Without it, I’m left really screwed.

Tomorrow is March 20, and I have to show it off. Together with my editor, we made the winter deadline. No time pressure or other nerves, despite neither of us working to any kind of proper schedule.

However, I’m happy to report that Xenoforming – Reissue (Slovak Edition) is out and the first chapter, along with the prologue, is available online today. I’ll be bringing you the next chapters at short notice. We’d like to release the print re-release in English after the online edition is complete, and if all the saints are with us, in English as well.

In addition, I’m working on finishing the second book. Outside of the Xenoforming series. I’ll try to get this one-shot out as soon as possible, though my laptop woes aren’t really making my job any easier. I’m hoping to get it done in the first half of this year, work commitments permitting. It looks like this work will be in English. If successful, the online version could also be in our language.

After finishing these two projects, I will start working on Xenoforming – part two again. If all goes well, I would like to be able to finish it this year. I won’t make any promises, though, because as I hinted at the beginning…

Last but not least, I’m back to my regularly irregular blogging. If you like my ramblings, I recently visited and reviewed a restaurant from the show “Na Nože”. You can find the article on my Slovak blog.

Since it’s a short format, I’ll try to give it more regularity than I give these updates.

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