Roman Porubský (September 4, 1992) is a Slovak businessman, writer, graphic designer and journalist.

He graduated from the Hotel Academy in Banská Bystrica, after which he went on to study English and IT at university, although he never finished his studies, he is still working in both fields today.

In his entrepreneurial travels he has managed to travel almost all over the world. He has visited almost every country in Europe. He has managed to poke his nose into America or Africa and still plans to visit Asia one day.

IT Consulting
1/2018 – present, freelance

  • design and implementation of websites
  • cyber security consultations & implementation
  • network optimization
  • website safety optimization

Graphic Design
1/2018 – present, freelance

  • preparation and distribution of marketing materials, promotional items, etc.
  • cooperation with advertising, PR and media agencies
  • Negotiations with partners on terms of cooperation, implementation of agreed activities (partnerships, exhibitions, barters…)

P-Games store operation 
11/2021 – 03/2023, PRO GAMES, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica

  • operation and administration of the brick-and-mortar store;
  • operation and administration of the online store;
  • employee management;
  • setting up and managing marketing campaigns;
  • preparation of documents for accounting;

Seller at Suzuki Dealership 
10/2016 – 10/2021, PRO AUTO, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica

  • expert advice to customers in the field of automobiles;
  • offer and administration of the establishment of customer services according to the current product offer;
  • active sales and finding solutions for the customer; 
  • management of after-sales activities in the shop;
  • management of the company’s website;
  • pre-sales preparation of cars;
  • 153 vehicles sold;

Chimera TCG Store Operations Manager
01/2015 – 10/2016, Banská Bystrica

  • expert advice to customers in the field of card games;
  • operations management;

Chef and waiter on a temporary basis
09/2013 – 12/2014, Various employers while studying at university

  • serving clients during social events;
    auxiliary work in the operation;
  • kitchen help;
  • preparatory work in the kitchen;

Waiter in “Penzión Holub”
10/2011 – 09/2013, Tajov

  • serving clients during social events;
  • preparation of food service;
  • assisting with food preparation;

Waiter in Resort Hotel Tamerici 
07/2011 – 10/2011, MONOPOLI SRL, s.r.o., Isola d’Elba – Livorno – Toscana – Taliansko

  • serving clients during breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • preparation of the food service;
  • stock management;
  • SoŠ Hotel Services and Trade Banská Bystrica
    2008 – 2013
    Completed with a diploma
  • University of Matej Bell Banská Bystrica
    Teaching English and Applied Informatics
    2013 – 2015
    Not completed
  • Slovak Language – Native Language
  • Czech Language (C1)
  • English – Expert (C1)
  • German – Basic (A2)
  • Italian – Basic (A1)
  • Japanese – Basic (A1)
  • Xenoforming – Prvý Stret (2016)
  • Xenoforming – First Contact (2021)

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I love to travel, to get to know new cultures, people, food. I’m a foodie and I actively show it in my blog. I’m into literature, I read books of every genre. In my spare time I study languages, lately especially Japanese. In sports, I am active in streetball and tennis. I follow public events, I also like culture, movies, series and anime.

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