General Partners

My first partner

— Websupport

Websupport is my very first partner. They kind of don’t know about it, but their affilate system allows me to collect change as long as you use my link and buy one of their services. They offer excellent web hosting services.

The non-partner partner

— Patreon

Thanks to Patreon, the partner is not a company, but each and every one of you. If you want to support me in my artistic or journalistic work directly, you can donate any amount. I don’t hide any specialties behind my Patreon so that every single one of you can have access to my work. So if you contribute to me it is purely out of the goodness of your heart and nothing else.

My Court Artist


Miyu is my go-to artist whenever I need to draw something. Most of the time it’s silly, but she’s worked with me on dozens of projects. Her popularity is growing every day, and I’m afraid that soon, she won’t have the time for me anymore, but definitely check out her work, it’s really worth it.

Cover creator for Xenoforming


The original cover for Xenoforming was made years ago by my friend Masane. However, as far as I know, he hasn’t released anything new in years. Still, feel free to check out his Artstation, Twitter or Instagram.

The reason why we have covers earlier than books

— Novel AI

NovelAI, allows me to create temporary book covers even when Miyu is too busy with her work or life to work on them (or when I can’t afford her services).

My personal bank account provider

— Wise

Wise is an electronic bank. I use them to deal with multiple currencies. Their account is free but they also offer an affiliate program where depending on region you get a free card if you use my link, and I get 90€ if I manage to invite 3 different people who spent 125€ each using the card. So if you are looking for an international account for use on your travels or simply to pay on the internet without using your main account. Feel free to use my affiliate link to make the account.


Here you can find a list of all my Patreon contributors. I mean, as soon as I have some.

Become a partner

I don't lock the articles and the books are publicly available, so membership and support are entirely voluntary.

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