Credits where credits are due

Sponsors, partners, friends. There are few people & companies I need to mention here. Well, actually, as of this point, I have no sponsors. This blog is entirely made by me for my own selfish reasons. But who knows what the future brings.

All of the credits here are unpaid and made out of pure gratitude.

First of all, if you like the art on my website, it was made by a brilliant artist and my friend. Miyu from Miyuart, please check out her work on her Artstation.

On that note, the original art for Xenoforming was created by my friend Masane years ago. However, as far as I am aware, he hasn’t published anything new in years. Feel free to check out his Artstation.

Next, I should mention AI from NovelAI, which allows me to create temporary book covers even when Miyu is too busy with her work or life to work on them (or when I can’t afford her services).

Lastly, I would like to give credit to all of my friends who have supported me on my writing journey, and of course, to all the readers who have had the opportunity to read my work.

Thank you for your support and all the words of encouragement I received from you. This wouldn’t become a thing without all of you.

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