Xenoforming – First Contact – Epilogue

Date: December 12th 2024

Place: Banská Bystrica, The Slovak Republic

Oliver was sitting on his computer trying to decode information into a comprehensible form. Since he came home, he was trying to gain information from the disc he had stolen. Unfortunately, because amount of time he was missing, he lost his job and his apartment, too. He didn’t get back his apartment, as it was rented, but his boss offered him to return to his work. He didn’t care about it and politely turned him down. In that time, he was living with his parents and he was going out only when Sophia called him. The rest of the time he was decoding the disc, that was in front of him.

              He hasn’t been sleeping for three days and two nights. He was only drinking coffee, black tea and energy drinks, and, although he’s been working on it for hours, he wasn’t successful. Again.

              But he didn’t give up, he knew the information on that disc were very important. Darius was interested in it, too, just like he mentioned. He sent Oliver an encoded phone and called him several times in a week, if he had some new information. In fact, Darius was the reason why Oliver he wasn’t looking for a job. He was sending him money, until he decoded the disc, which gave Oliver some space.

              About a month later, Darius had his status back. His kidnapping and the fact, that it looked like an attempt to get rid of him, helped him to get even a better status and now he belonged to the biggest “animals” in Austria.

              Sophia wanted to go back to a normal life, but her memories of everything, that had happened, were still troubling her. From time to time she suffered a physical breakdown and afterwards called Oliver, because she didn’t have anyone else, who could she talk to without telling them, what had really happened. Oliver had never hesitated and visited her any time he could. Though this all, when she was feeling fine and had some time off, she was the one, who visited Oliver and was his mental support. Thanks to this, he knew he will decode the stolen disc. Once she brought Martin with her. Martin fell on his knees and thanked Oliver for saving Sophia from the bullies in Prague and for taking care of her while being kidnapped, though he didn’t know, which version of their kidnapping Martin knew. Oliver though, it was a bit funny, because he had the feeling that Sophia took more care of him then he did, but he didn’t say it out loud.

              Yuna wasn’t keeping in close touch with them. Darius told them, she was given a special job and that was why she wasn’t in contact with them, but she was OK and returned home safely. Oliver still didn’t know, what Darius and she agreed on, but he set his mind on not spying for more till he had his job done. He found this job to be the most important of all jobs he had ever done.

              The Shadow wasn’t talking to him, although Oliver felt him. He said the black substance on his left hand was a tattoo and he didn’t have any problems with it until someone was looking at it closely and saw the “tattoo” raising from his skin. That was why he wore gloves every time he went out.

              Oliver made another coffee, put honey in it and went back to his computer. He could work four more hours and then had to have some sleep.

              He was tapping on the keyboard and suddenly the screen changed. The Greys’ signs started to appear in some schemes. Oliver smiled and sat back while staring at the screen. STRIKE!

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